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The first part of creating a living space is to get your ideas on paper and designing the interior of your private cinema. ceed work with top designers who collaborate close with your architect to find the best solution for your private cinema. Combining acoustics and room design to harmonic and well performing private Theater.


Private Cinema Design
Private Cinema Engineering

Planning the perfect cinema 

Room acoustics - Design - Performance - Comfort

These are the main values that are essential to build your home cinema with optimal performance. 

We know the optimal angles to view a movie and have the best material to absorb unwanted sound for an unforgettable experience.


After the concept has been solidified we can break ground and begin building your individual home cinema. Our experienced employees manufacture individual stands, lifts and racks to ensure the best quality for your home cinema.


Private Cinema Execution


Smart Home Application




Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application
Private Cinema Switzerland

An unforgettable experience

Have a state of the art private cinema in your home or yacht. Watch a movie with the best arrangements for an optimised experience. We combine sight and sound together in your individual room to create the best home cinema. It stands for technology and design working together in harmony to deliver performing and engaging entertainment experiences. With great devotion we design and execute the finest private cinemas in Europe with more than 10 years experience of creating unique masterpieces. 

Private Cinema

Immerse yourself into a luxurious atmosphere with bespoke home cinema. 

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