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Yacht Technology Mangement

On-board technologies all controlled at a single intuitive, user-friendly app. 

Control your yacht's lights, entertainment, security and environmental features with ceed’s proprietary app on your iPhone or tablet from anywhere around the world. It’s all at your fingertips.  

Smart Home Application

Hiding active technologies is our specialty. Your TV and audio system is where you want it to be just hidden. Roll-up video surfaces, sliding walls, hidden TVs or multifunctional TV mirrors, it’s all possible, and it’s all ceed.

Sound you can only hear. ceed conceals

Yacht Entertainment



Ceed’s in-wall iPad. Featuring the thinest frame on the market.

Smart Home App
iPad InWall Frame
inWall iPad

ceed’s innovative iPad redesigns allow you touch-panel control of your environment. The ultra-thin iPad frame integrates this technology into your control pad in any wall in your structure. Enjoy the convenience of manging your yacht's best attributes with ceed’s proprietary software.

Smart Home Application

The era of multiple apps controlling multiple system's is at an end. ceed gives you the power to control system's such as lights, entertainment and environment from a single central point. The ceed app guides all your systems.

Technology Control App

Combine all of your technology with a single app.

Smarthome Invisible Speakers
Smart Home Application
Smart Home IT System

Go wireless as safe as possible and keep the radiation at a minimum with a built-in timer. You can steer your WiFi with your tablet or phone to turn it off during the night. Ensure wifi access on your whole property without any lost connection.

Solid WiFi with a minimum of radiation and timer capability

IT for your home
Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application

WiFi & IT


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Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application
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