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Simple Automation User Interface

Control your office essentials from a single user interface

The ceed mobile app facilitates control of a variety of your company's features. Shutters, lights, heating, surveillance and entertainment systems are controlled by the ceed app from anywhere. Allow best-quality projectors and screens to be operated quickly and enjoy the convenience with the ceed’s mobile and in-wall iPad proprietary software in your conference room and working areas. 


Smart Home Application

The ceed smart mobile app manages stress-free meeting— all with a simple click.

Adjust your meeting rooms for the perfect environment to simply sharing content and ideas together. ceed encourages all attendees to participate together by showing visual content on a large conference screen.

The easiest way to share big ideas and watch them grow.

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Smart Home App
Smart Home App
Smart Home Application

Say goodbye to the era of multiple apps controlling multiple systems. ceed gives you the power to control systems such as lights, entertainment and environment from a single central point. The ceed app is right at your fingertips whenever, wherever.

Smart Office Control App

Combine all of your technology with a single app.

Smarthome Lights
Smarthome Invisible Speakers
Smart Home Application
Conference System

Conferencing & Discussion

From simple to complex. We have the experience. 

We design conference rooms with complex voting systems or simple compact meeting rooms. ceed helps you meet the needs of every application for your individual area effortlessly and with superior sound and functionality. 

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KNX Switzerland
Smart Home Application
Smart Home IT System

Go wireless as fast and safe as possible. ceed works with corporate and government markets. With our long term experience, we remove the hassle and worry of malfunctioning WIFI connection. 

Allow guests to access WIFI with all devices with a simple setup. We manage stable WIFI for large conferences with remote access. 

fast WiFi

IT for your office
Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application

WiFi & IT

Security & Alarm

Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application
Video Surveilance and Alarm System

Door access & surveillance

Safety is a key priority to any corporate environment. Secure your area with surveillance cameras.


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Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application
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