Smart Home

​Your homes best features - in a single App


Smart Home Systems
Smart Home Systems
Simple Automation User Interface

Your home’s best features in your hand.

The ceed mobile app controls a variety of your homes features on your smartphone or tablet. Shutters, lights, heating, surveillance and entertainment systems are controlled at a single ceed app from anywhere around the world.

Smart Home Application
Smart Home Control App

Combine all of your technology with a single app.

Say goodbye to the era of multiple apps controlling multiple systems. ceed gives you the power to control systems such as lights, entertainment and environment from a single central point. The ceed app is right at your fingertips whenever, wherever.

Smart Home Application
ceed App
Smarthome Blinds
Smarthome Entertainment
Smarthome Weather
Smarthome Security
Smarthome Statistics
Smarthome Lights
Smarthome Surveillance
Smarthome Heating
inWall iPad
iPad InWall Frame

Ceed’s in-wall iPad. Featuring the thinest frame on the market.

ceed’s innovative iPad design allows you to control your environment. The ultra-thin iPad frame integrates this technology into your control pad in any wall in your structure. Enjoy the convenience of managing your home’s best attributes with ceed’s proprietary software.

Smart Home Application



Sound you can only hear. ceed conceals

ceed can hide the essentials of your home entertainment system. For example, we ensure that that the sound of your system is heard, but not seen. The ceed design division offers solutions that keep your rooms orderly with hidden sound sources.

Crestron AMX Automation Entertainment
Smarthome Invisible Speakers

Visual experience

ceed integrates high quality screens and projection systems in your room and ensures access to entertainment services such as Netflix, Apple TV, Kaleidescape Movies Server, SKY UK and many more.

Custom Installation

A perfect solution that integrates technology into any room

Hiding active technologies is our specialty. Your TV and audio system is where you want it to be, just hidden. Roll-up video surfaces, sliding walls, hidden TVs or multifunctional TV mirrors, it’s all possible, and it’s all ceed.

Crestron Integrator Switzerland
Smart Home Application
AMX Integrator
Certified Integrator
Smarthome Lights


Intelligent Light System

It's all about the light

The lighting in your home grants a warm and comfortable environment that makes your four walls your cozy home. We provide state-of-the-art light energy saving systems. With intelligent light switches, you can conveniently set your preferred light ambience for your momentary mood or for a special occasion. Before leaving the house you can conveniently switch off all lights and lower shutters, all with a touch of a button. 

Lutron Switzerland
KNX Switzerland
Certified Integrator
Meljac Switzerland
Lutron Switzerland
Feller Editio




Smart Home Application
Simple Light Switch

The simple switch 

We conveniently provide your favorite switch to match your home. Choose between a variety of brands and designs such as Meljac, Lutron or Editio.

Smart Home Blinds

Blinds & Shades

Blinds & Shades

Control your shades

Motorize your blinds and shades with a swipe of a finger on your ceed touch panel. The quiet and synchronized movement provides security as well as comfort for your home.

Velux switzerland
Lutron Integrator Switzerland
Certified Integrator
Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application

Security & Alarm

Video Surveilance and Alarm System

Door access & surveillance

Safety is a key priority to any home. Know your surroundings, inside and out. Having your house monitored helps you keep track on whats going on around your property.

Integration of
Axis Surveilance
Smart Alarm System
Smarthome Alarm System
Smart Home Application

WiFi & IT

IT for your home

Solid WiFi with a minimum of radiation and timer capability

Go wireless as safe as possible and keep the radiation at a minimum with a built-in timer. You can easily steer your WiFi with your tablet or phone to turn it off during the night. Ensure wifi access on your whole property without any lost connection.

Certified Integrator
Smart Home IT System
Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application
Smart Home Application

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